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Innovative Approach Set to Reduce Cost, Widen Applications for Optoelectronic Products

California-based Cosemi says the combination of its innovative technology and a fabless manufacturing approach can deliver cost and performance improvements that will help to make fiber optics more widely available. In fact, the company claims it is ‘on a mission.’

Cosemi Addresses Video Bottleneck To Enable Monetization of Optical Networks in OFC 2015’s Market Watch Panel Discussion

Dr. Jiang’s panel discussion subject is entitled “Optical Network for Uncompressed High Definition Video Transmission.” He will discuss the essence of the optical network concept for uncompressed High Definition (HD) video transmission, for example how the connection bottleneck between the UHD TV and high end sources can be made easily, and how eventually its wide deployment can facilitate the special BW needs to further monetize existing optical networks.

Cosemi Makes Optical Connectivity Accessible; Breaks Barrier to Adoption

Through innovative technology advancements and a high volume, fabless manufacturing approach, Cosemi delivers breakthrough cost and performance improvements to make fiber optics’ enormous data carrying potential a reality. Leveraging a rare combination of supply chain efficiency knowledge and technical capability in high-speed RF and optical compound semiconductor design, Cosemi is on a mission to make optical connectivity — and all of its benefits — available to a multitude of industries, including industrial, commercial, B2B and consumer.

Cosemi Named Finalist for 22nd Annual OC Tech Alliance High-Tech Awards in Consumer Devices & Software Category

“Our judges reviewed significantly more product nominations this year than in previous years — and selecting finalists was not an easy task,” said Peter Craig, CEO, OC Tech Alliance. “We congratulate Cosemi on being selected as a finalist and look forward to welcoming them at the gala.”

Cosemi Announces HDMI-Compatible OptoHD Cables in Lengths of up to 100 Meters

Dr. Nguyen X. Nguyen, Cosemi’s CEO, commented that the OptoHD solution meets the current stringent video quality requirements and lays down the future-proof foundation for long span connections between the ever demanding video sources and the ever improving displays.

U.S. Patent Issued to Cosemi Technologies on System and Method for Data Communications via Hybrid Cable Medium

“This patent places Cosemi in the leading position to provide a variety of products such as active HDMI cables, which are increasingly needed for HD/UHD video connections, especially for long distances and high performance resolutions like 4K and 8K. The hybrid nature of this technology platform enables Cosemi to produce very high speed active cables, without external power,” says Dr. Nguyen X. Nguyen, CEO of Cosemi Technologies.

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