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Connectivity at the Speed of Light

At Cosemi, we’re ushering in the next generation of photonic connections. Our high-speed fiber optic components and active optical cables are the future of high speed connectivity for computing, data centers and high-resolution displays.

As the first fabless optical component solution provider in the industry, we know a thing or two about innovation. Our long history of success, unique technical capabilities and knowledge of the supply chain inform everything we do. And, we do it all: Design. Production. Manufacturing.

Our unique, unburdened business model allows us to pass on significant cost savings to customers – and we have been doing so for almost a decade. Our knowledge of supply chain efficiency and deep technical capability in high-speed RF and optical compound semiconductor design is the foundation for all that we do. Our goal? To make optical connectivity available to a multitude of industries – including industrial, commercial, B2B and consumer – for a truly elevated user experience.

Our high speed photonics capabilities support the unprecedented data growth of today – and ensure an optically connected world moving forward.

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